The Homestuck Archives

What is this?

An everlasting, self-replicating archive of the Homestuck fandom's best works and resources, and some official ones, with over fifty gigabytes of content.

You may be looking for an archive of the webcomics themselves: the Homestuck Collection.

How do I use it?

You can access the online archive by heading over to and using "mspareader" and "pRXqhsz30fspwL7XCrv2cQ" as your credentials.

Alternatively, you can download the torrent and peruse the content offline by clicking here or here. By seeding the torrent you'll also help us keep the fandom's best fanworks alive.

How to add/remove things to/from the Archives?

Please use our contact page, we're always grateful to receive new things to archive. If removing, make sure you're specific and point to the exact files you want gone, as well as legal proof of ownership/copyright.

How do I support this?

You can help seed the Homestuck Archives torrent. It's very important that this isn't centralized, so there isn't a single point of failure.

Credits and thanks

My biggest thanks to MrCheeze (personal site), Mozai (personal site), wheals (personal site), /u/Niklink, /u/1011686, Sanctferum (personal site) and Chamango0 (personal site), who made this archive possible.

Thanks to GiovanH (personal site, twitter) for his Homestuck flash extracts and invaluable help tracking down sources.

Smaller thanks to the runners of Omegaupdate, the Act Omega team and any other Homestuck archivists I might have forgotten, as well as /co/ and other chans for having some mirror links.

A single thank you to Andrew Hussie for making all this possible.

List of Contents

Detailed list available here

1.05 GB, 8093 files, 533 folders

Fan Resource Archives

Art assets, sprite sheets, plot notes, fonts, anything that will help you make cool fan content. You could make a fanventure with no art skills whatsoever with what we have here. Also, all the roleplaying, writing, crafting and cosplay guides we could find, which is a lot of them. Wanna be Eridan on all levels except physical? Now you can. (why though?)

969 MB, 7709 files, 211 folders

Fanfiction and Comics Archives

While fanventures have already mostly been archived, some remained. And fanfics? All you could want has been archived, even some fics considered lost until now. Also includes some cool fancomics and HTML quests (courtesy of Mozai), from Karkat Vantas Pro Skater to Red Dead Virgo.

8.56 GB, 179 files, 3 folders

Forums and Chan Archives

Don't get too excited, the MSPA Forums section is still just what we have from I've also included a bunch of archives of Homestuck imageboards (like mspachan), courtesy of Chamango. Archived separately for filesize reasons (who needs thumbnails for zips anyway), though the local version includes a lot of the best screencaps and material of HSG.

10.6 GB, 185533 files, 1989 folders

Liveblogs and Meta Archives

The best archivable liveblogs of the fandom, now in one location and easy to browse! Also a lot of the best websites and analysis people have made about the fandom, from BKEW to TVTropes.

7.93 GB, 38638 files, 2707 folders

Games Archives

Now THIS part you can get excited about. Some of the most excruciating research work was made assembling this section. I am confident in having pretty much every non-minigame game this fandom has ever made, from Hammerkind to the source code of The Overseer Project, first released here. Also includes fifteen board based games and systems. Have fun!

2.19 GB, 1707 files, 49 folders

Misc Archives

Okay this is just stuff that wouldn't fit in any other section, like a Homestuck coloring book, wallpapers and MSPAF emotes. Moving on...

13.5 GB, 4490 files, 244 folders

Music Archive

47 fan albums. 800+ fansongs that didn't make it to one. 700+ Homestuck MIDIs, and for the first time, an archive of Homestuck Sheet Music that actually includes the files (sorry wheals!) This section couldn't have been assembled without the help of Niklink, Sanctferum (whose Sound Test is included here) and Veritas Unae (SkaiaNet), so thanks!

3.12 GB, 8360 files, 850 folders

Official Content Archives

Anything Andrew Hussie made before working in Homestuck. Assets made by the Art Team that went used and unused in the comic (some of them never released before). Dave Strider's blog. Interviews, QnAs, Donation Sketches. Really, we have everything but the comic itself and anything that would get us sued. One of the best sections in the archive, mostly thanks to MrCheeze and Wheals.

941 MB, 61723 files, 1988 folders

Software and Tools Archive

Another section that required a ton of deep diving. This section doesn't only include a breadth of desktop software like Pesterchum, the Quirknator and the Sylladex simulator, but also a bunch of online classpect tests and land generators that fans made for years before being cruelly decanonized. Oh, the humanity!

38.4 GB, 1054 files, 26 folders

Videos Archive

A lot of Youtube videos and swf animations fans made throughout the years. Includes some recently lost lyricstuck and that one Con Air scene. This one is archived separately on Dropbox and pCloud for obvious reasons.

Other Archives

Mirrors and remote archives

4800+ vocal Homestuck songs (archived by spankety):

Misc Homestuck content, games, software, fanventures (archived by Mozai):

Homestuck imageboards/chans, fanventures, audio, misc (archived by Chamango):

Homestuck Sound Test (archived by Sanctferum and Niklink):!6AwxzQpL!0ks9iJRnL2_ LWZ0d144V8U6q28V7_ yqRvPS67pBoAFU

4chan /co/ threads archive (2012 and forward):!Vx50nQiI! WQ8QIPKbKRqUqI6GERnsGg