Homestuck Tutorials and other Resources

Tutorials and resources for the Homestuck fandom that don't fit in other categories, from Homestuck fonts to Flash animation guides to cookbooks.

Homestuck Fonts

An archive of all the fonts used in Homestuck, from land names, to alternian text, to John Egbert's own handwriting.


Homestuck Art Studies

A series of extremely detailed and thorough studies on the art of Homestuck, from frame-to-frame analysis, to animation tricks, to the exact type of Photoshop tricks Andrew Hussie used. This is an ongoing series:

Radical Dude 42

Fanventure Help Guide

In this guide, classic Homestuck style expert RD42 gives tips and other various types of help so you can make the best fan adventure! He goes over art, writing, and music so your adventure can get close to emulating the MSPA feel.

ghost opal

How to make an [S] Page in 2023 (And above)

A thorough tutorial on how to make an animation in Adobe Animate that will replicate the look and feel of Adobe Flash without actually requiring it.


How to Make a Strife Animation

An extremely detailed tutorial on how to make a Strife animation in Adobe Flash CS3. The knowledge within is applicable to all sorts of flashes and animation programs.

SBURB Land and Planet Tutorials

Prospit and Derse Environments


How to Make Official Looking Talksprites

A guide on how to make a good looking walkaround sprite for your character. Uses GIMP, but we recommend using any other program and applying the methods shown here, because GIMP really sucks.


How to Make Reality Cracks

A guide by an official Homestuck artist on how to create the aftereffects of a Lord English beam on Paradox Space. The brush Rah links is here and the .psd is here.

Homestuck Photoshop Resources

A series of pallettes, swatches and more to use during image editing and arting.

Fantroll Art Resources

Some guidelines and minor resources for creating your own fantroll:

Endless Shipping Chart

A ludicrously big shipping chart to ship every single canon character together.


Homestuck Family Tree

Do you truly want to know which characters are related to each other in Homestuck? Behold this amazingly expansive guide.

The Scratch Doctor

Homestuck Timeline Project

A series of spreadsheets tracking the timelines of every group of players up to the middle of Act 6.

Andrew Hussie

Art Tutorials

A series of art tutorials by Andrew Hussie on charcoal, inking, black and white and flat coloring. Some images were lost in this copy.

SBURB Guides

A series of fanmade guides that detail the progression of SBURB.

Other Resources

A variety of resources that don't warrant their own section: